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RetroFits and Main Panel Upgrades

and other services




Looking to upgrade your old system? Get the best equipment available, now including 24-hour system monitoring right from a mobile device.


Do you own an old system that doesn't quite produce enough power? Maybe your system is outdated and doesn't have all the newer features of a modern system? At CSS Electric we understand that you might use more energy now, than you did when you first purchased your system. RetroFits are designed to add newer equipment like power optimizers, solar panels and inverters to maximize your solar production. Talk to our representatives about upgrading your system today!

Main Panel Upgrades

The main service panel is the central hub for power throughout your home. A main panel upgrade consists of a new panel box with all new breakers and is typically done when the system can't handle the additional load of your solar panels, or you simply would like to add more breakers for additional outlets. For more information about your main service panel call our office at     

(209) 850-9290 or email us at

other services include:

Panel Cleaning

Dirty panels bringing you down?

Dirty solar panels can reduce energy production and cost you on your electric bill. Cleaning your panels regularly ensures that you are always getting the most out of your system. Make an appointment or schedule a routine cleaning today! Available for all customers. 

Pest Abatement

Birds and squirrels can get under solar panels and cause damage and/or leave a mess on your roof. Protect wires and other electrical components with pest abatement barriers for new or existing systems. 

EV Charging

Run your home and vehicle on the power of the sun with EV charging included with your solar panel system. Offered in a sleek design built straight into the inverter, you can now turn your garage into your own charging station. For more information about EV Charging call our office at (209) 850-9290 or email us at

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