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Here at Clear Solar Solutions we want to help answer any questions or doubts you might have about going solar.

Image by Chelsea


Q. Will I make enough solar during the day to use at night?

A. No. Panels only produce energy when there is sunlight. When there is no sunlight your home will pull energy from the grid. To be able to use solar energy day and night, a storage battery would be required. See ESS for more information.


Q. Since I make my own energy now, can I use as much electricity as I want?

A. Using more energy than your system was built for can result in a true-up(owing your utility company money at the end of the year.) That is why it is important to tell your energy professional about any plans of adding high energy consuming appliances (such as swimming pools and Electric Vehicles) in the future.

Q. How do I know if my system is working?

A.  Every system we install includes monitoring capabilities that can be used from your mobile device. Track your system's production anytime, anywhere, with ease through a user friendly app or directly from the web. 

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