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Emergency Storage Systems (ESS) 

Emergency Storage Systems are equipment that store surplus solar energy in a battery for later use. Being located in Central California we understand the threats that wildfires and other natural disasters can impose, leading to power shut-offs and blackouts. Stay protected and out of the dark by adding battery storage with your solar system today.



Did you know?

When you own solar, any excess energy your panels produce is put back into the energy grid and is bought back by the utility company usually for less than what you pay for it. Whenever you consume more energy than you produce, that energy is pulled from the grid. Adding a storage battery will save that excess energy and store it for use during a power outage or times of low solar production.

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Solar panels convert sunlight to energy to be used for your home

Storage Battery takes excess solar energy and powers your home instead of taking power from the grid

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Keep your mobile devices and tablets charged

Keep perishable food items fresh

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Keep your home office operational

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Keep your medical devices charged and operational.

*Warning: not meant for life-supporting sytems

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Keep the lights and other electrical appliances on

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Sump and Well Pumps keep the flow

Be More energy INdependent

With a storage battery, you maximize your potential savings by using your own stored energy and you can feel good knowing your power will stay on.

Dependable and reliable equipment

Backup power is restored almost immediately so you don't have to feel the effects of losing power. Stay connected and protected with battery backup storage.

Environmentally friendly

Storage batteries use clean renewable energy that leave little to no pollution and reduces our customer's carbon footprint.

For more information about Storage Batteries call our office today 

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