We stand behind our systems with warranties that stand the test of time.


Our panels: 

We offer Tier 1 level panels that are assembled with top-quality components and are put through vigorous testing to ensure their longevity before they are installed onto your roof. Our panels set the benchmark in warranty standards.


Our Inverters:

When you want to be the best, you have to offer the best technology available. This is why CSS Electric only offers SolarEdge Technologies in every solar system designed. SolarEdge power optimizers provide individual panel level tracking and real-time adjustments of current and voltage to the optimal working point of each individual panel. 



Clear Solar Monitoring Program or CSMP is an additional benefit that we offer with your solar system purchase. Many companies will claim they monitor your system and set you up with an application so you can view a bunch of numbers that may mean nothing to you. Even though you can view real-time individual panel tracking, and daily, monthly, and yearly production, we believe that your job should not be tracking your own system performance. We have a dedicated team that will monitor your system on a daily basis, and it is our guarantee that if your system fails we will dispatch a team within 48hrs to begin system checks.  


 "We are here to make a difference, starting with

our customer experience, our team and our planet."

-Victor N., CEO/President