Clear Solar Solutions is committed to protecting our customers from COVID-19

A Message from Victor Navarrete, President/CEO

Currently we are living in trying times, and while COVID-19 continues to affect communities throughout the state, I want to personally thank our customers for their continued support. My staff and I are continuing to monitor the situation closely, and I want to take a moment to update our customers as to how Clear Solar Solutions is continuing to operate during this largely non-static environment, and to reassure you that we are still working diligently in designing and building your solar system as safely and efficiently as possible in light of the shelter in place order. Currently, electricians are considered to be essential workers, and we will continue to operate as so.

As an established solar design and installation company, we are intimately familiar with electric and fall protection safety guidelines. The safety of our staff as well as our customers is a major fundamental part of Clear Solar Solution's core values. Given this new public health risk, we are attaching the same level of importance and safety as we would with any of our existing safety procedures. Currently we are complying with all state, local, OSHA, and CDC guidelines to keep both our staff and customers safe.

Staff Guidelines

  • We have implemented a shelter in place policy for all administrative staff.

  • Field installation crews have a “no contact, no entry” order in place.

  • Site safety plans reviewed and signed off by all employees. We will ensure that all installers will have proper levels of PPE required based on currently available information, and will adjust as needed. 

  • All work sites will have available a sanitizing kit to be utilized by all employees. We will insure all tools and areas are disinfected before, during, and after work completion.

  • We will limit employee's exposure risk by advising employees to not travel unless otherwise approved by Clear Solar Solutions.


Site Visit / Consultation


We are requesting that all site visits be completed digitally (FaceTime, Zoom, Skype) or if you prefer, to meet outdoors in your driveway or patio. For all in-person meetings, we ask for your cooperation with social distancing, and maintain a six foot minimum distance from all employees. For these reasons, please understand if we don't shake your hand.


Currently scheduled projects will continue to be completed. Our installation crews are required to stay outside or in the garage of the home or business with very limited close interaction. We have made specific changes to our installation practices so that they can be done according to COVID-19 OSHA safety guidelines, and we ask for your assistance in keeping everyone safe. Here are a few ways we are keeping you and our employees safe:

  • If our employees or their family members have symptoms, we are asking them to stay home, and practice 14-day self-quarantine.

  • We are taking all employee’s body temperatures every morning to ensure that no one is feverish.

  • Our crews will almost exclusively be working outside. In the event that an electrician has to come inside, they have been provided a sanitation kit to clean all surfaces they come in contact with before and after their work.

  • Our crews will be practicing social distancing with our customers (avoiding handshakes and staying six feet away when interacting)

  • If you are sick, have symptoms, or belong to a higher risk population, please let us know so we can make other arrangements.

The goal during the COVID-19 outbreak is to slow the spread of the disease so that critical medical infrastructure is available to those who require it. We are in this together and appreciate your cooperation as we work to protect everyone.


If you have questions, please let us know.